The amount of the fees can be a default to all products from a hostage environment or can vary based on each listing's category or other variations, therefore in your it is possible to register a default basis that will be adopted as Global and, if necessary, define this price per listing if it is different. 

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Registering the fee's default amount

The register is made from the [Catalog > Auxiliaries > Fee Manager] menu.

After creating your fee, you will be able to access a field to insert the amount, according to the example below, remembering to save the changes.

Defining the fee's amount in specific listings

In your portfolio, if there is a variation in your fees' amount, the definition process of the amount is made in your listing's page, going to the [Finance > General Pricing Configuration] tab, whereas finding the fee's name, click on Individualto open the edit mode and, after inserting the amount, remember to save it: 

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