To activate Loopkey in your App Center, you will need to apply your Loopkey authorization token in the App Center.

You can do this through the path below on your

  1. Go to the [App Center] menu ao lado esquerdo do seu;
  2. Click on the [Others] option, on the left side of the settings screen;
  3. Select [Loopkey], clicking on the central part of the screen or on the name of the tool;
  4. Activate the connection by selecting the [Active] option;
  5. Click on the green button to enter your internal account name;
  6. Enter the information collected in your Loopkey account in the [Authorization token] field;
  7. Save the changes made at the top side of the page.

Now that you have applied the Loopkey authorization token and activated the app on your, the next step is to match your listings to your locks available on Loopkey: