iCal connection consists of integrating calendars from different locations, making the events created on them to be transmitted to other calendars.
On Stays, this connection is an alternative to connect to sales channels not compatible with our channel manager or even integrate the calendar of your listings registered.

How to import an iCal calendar into a listing?

On the listing page, click on [Distribution > iCal]. Fill out the information on the [Imported iCal Calendars] area and click on the [+iCal Link] button to complete the process. Learn more.

How to use the iCal connection to export a listing calendar?

On the listing page, click on [Distribution > iCal]. There you will find the [iCal link of this listing] - copy and paste it on the desired destination location. Learn more.

What happens in the Stays calendar after changes made in the original calendar?

In the case of iCal connections between Stays listings, the block will be removed as soon as the source of the block and the event to be removed are identified. In the case of iCal connections with external listings, the event removal must be done manually in the Stays calendar. Learn more.

Is it possible to set the iCal importation time for Stays?

No, it is not. The importation time is standardized, being of 30 minutes for Airbnb and 15 minutes for other channels and Stays calendars. Learn more.

How to register an entire house that rents rooms as well?

It is necessary to register the complete listing of the place and the rooms, and then import the rooms calendar to the full listing. Learn more.