To increase the protection of information registered on, we use some restrictions in accordance with good market practices and in order for you to have a good basis for this, here is a table with the main rules.

Additional Information
Minimum charactersFor system administrative users, the minimum length is 12 characters.
For end users, i.e. owners and guests, the minimum is 8 characters.
Cannot just have letters or numbersWhen creating your password, it is necessary to have at least one letter or number.
Putting only letters or numbers in the password makes it more vulnerable to invaders.
The number can be exchanged for special character as well (e.g. *).
At least one letter must be capitalizedRegarding the letters, at least one of them must be capitalized.
Cannot be related to your usernameIf your username is, you will not be able to put training or stays as part of your password, as this makes your password much more vulnerable!

To help, below are some password examples you can base yours on:

  • Academy2021*
  • Brasil//1500!
  • aB120Ca55Xs?
Remember that resetting password is possible from your website or from the [Users & Clients] page of your!
Just remember that these processes involve email triggering, so make sure your user's email address works and is up to date!