By importing reservations from the Booking, Expedia (Hotel Collects) and VRBO channels, it is possible that your already imports the card data provided by the channels in token format, so that this information is available for future purchases and, mainly, encrypted to protect guests card information.
For this format, it is necessary that you have Cielo, or Stripe enabled on your

For Stripe, your account must not be enabled with the 3D Secure protocol.
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In that case, just follow the steps below:

  1. Access the booking page;
  2. Scroll down the page and find the [Total Amount] section;
  3. Click on the [+transaction] option; 
  4. Select the [Credit Card] option and fill in the required information;
  5. Confirm to process the transaction.

If the transaction is not authorized, see below the possible actions for each channel:

Booking.comYou must mark the card as invalid and wait for a new card provided or the cancellation made by the Booking team, so that the reservation is automatically removed from the calendar.
(Hotel Collects)
You must go to the Expedia extranet within 72 hours and request the cancellation of the reservation directly to the channel.
VRBOCancellation can be initiated through the booking page if the connection is through API. If not, it is necessary to take actions through the VRBO portal.