In the financial routine of a hosting environment, it is often necessary for some members of your team - even if they are not financially responsible - to carry out simple cash operations such as a receipt or payment to a provider, in addition to the common reservation routines. has a feature to make users access more flexible so they can help in the maintenance of your cash flow. See more details below:

What is flexibility?

The flexibility of letting your users access your [Payable Accounts] and [Receivable Accounts] panel and carry out financial operations only on the accounts in which they have posted themselves, without compromising the account of other users or viewing statistical data:

User with Full Access
User with Flexibility
Admin users have access to transactions created by all people and automations, in addition to the statistical panel at the top of the screen.In this case, in the same period and system, the user has an operational level of performance, so they will only have access to transactions created by themselves and will not have access to the company's cash statistics information.

How to activate this flexibility for my collaborators?

The adjustment is made from the permissions management of the roles of your

  1. Access the [Users & Clients > Auxiliaries > Roles & Permissions] menu;
  2. Select on the left side the role you want to change or create one;
  3. In the permissions editing block, find the [financecc] section;
  4. Enable the permissions that have the "" prefix, according to your preferences.
Click on the Gray Area Next to the Name
Enable the Desired Options
For more information on the creation of roles, see our material on the topic.
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