Doinn is a platform that merges cleaning operations and services. It helps you organize integration with your cleaning and maintenance teams, external collaborators and customers.

Besides, it is also possible to buy and sell professional services to meet demand. Follow the steps below to have Doinn available via Stays.

Step 1. Activate Doinn on Stays

  1. Activate Doinn on the App Center. To do that, go to the main menu, click [App Center > Reservation > Doinn] and select [Active];
  2. You will see the login and password on [App Settings]. Copy them to use it when registering within the Doinn platform.

Step 2. Login on Doinn account

  1. Access Doinn, click [Sign in] and fill out the registration details;
  2. On your Doinn account, click [Integrations], select [Integrations center] and choose Stays;
  3. Enter the login and password copied from Stays;
  4. Click [Add properties] and confirm by clicking [Yes, I want to synchronize]
  5. Select the reservation properties you want to sync with Doinn and save to activate the integration. If you choose [Yes, I want to synchronize], all new properties you create on Stays will also be added to Doinn;
  6. Done! In a few minutes all your Stays reservations will be on Doinn.