Email templates work to optimize the communication routine with your guests, owners and even your team, with the internal notifications. brings several email templates that are editable. 

You can edit all the structures below in [Catalog > E-mail templates].

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Standard email templates

These templates are known as Master Templates and are used for both automatic and manual sending for most of the routines in the system.

It is the basic level of the templates on, and it has daily routine emails, such as the reservation confirmation, reservation reminder, request for guest review, among others.

In this case they are fixed templates and you will only be able to edit the content. 
You cannot create new templates, since these templates are directly connected to logical behaviors in your

Complementary email templates

These templates are known as Sub Templates e and work to allocate small codes fragments or content to edit the other existing email templates, as if they were a support content.
You can create new structures and it is recommended that the use of these templates is for customizing headers, footers and other layout or content adjustments.

Creating subtemplate
Applying it to other templates
By clicking on the button, you will enter a name for the new structure and put your content there, it can be text, images, or even HTML code fragments.The subtemplates will be allocated as variables on the lower right side of the screen you edit the other templates, and you can apply the structure in the email templates code. 
For a more practical view at the topic, see below what is the process like for adding your signature into your business email templates.
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Customized email templates per sales channel

In this scenario, the main emails regarding the reservation routine will have different content if the reservation comes from a sales channel that you have enabled custom messages.

You will be able to customize messages such as reservation confirmation, reservation reminder and review requests, for example.

To create these custom email structures for sales channels, remember to enable this in your comercial partner registration, on [Finance > Auxiliaries > Providers].
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Customized email templates per listing segment

In this case, these are different email templates for certain listings.

The list of templates is the same as the Master and you can enable the templates you want to customize.

Usually the use of this feature is to apply graphic or textual adaptations for listings that meet a different public profile than the one usually covered by your business.

Here is an example of how these templates will look like (click on the gray area to open the template library on your

To create customized email templates per listing, you must enable the option COMMUNICATION on your groups created on [Catalog > Groups], and remember that a listing can only be in a single Communication Group!
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Now that you already know about the different email templates editable in your, how about checking out other related subjects?