To help with your cash projections and finance control, will list in your transaction panel the pending receipts for your reservations.

In order to generate these amounts, will assume that the pending amount for payment of reservations must be paid by the guest's arrival date.

Management via screen [Receivable Accounts]

In your cash flow, this will be shown in the [Finance > Receivable Accounts] menu. 

This direction is valid when you seek, for example, a cash projection for future periods.

The payment description will be [reservation payment], the reference will be the reservation code and you can click on the [details] button to access the reservation page.

The update of these entries will be done at the time you post the receipt via the reservation page.
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Management via screen [Find Reservation]

Another way to check these cases in list form is the [Reservation Center > Find Reservation] menu. 

It is valid for controlling which reservations are still pending for guest charging, and it can be useful for the Reception, Reservation Agents, and other members of your team.

When you get to the screen, simply access the advanced screen filters, check the box [Reservations where the total amount has not yet been paid] and generate the search.

Do not forget to select the search period and other parameters before generating your list.
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Now that you already know how to manage the open receipts, how about checking out the results of the transactions ?