Some Payment Channels offer the possibility of making typed sales inside Reservations in the system. This feature is useful mainly for charges made thorugh OTAs as and Expedia since you will normally receive the guest's full credit card details. It is also a feature used in some hotels and inns in direct negotiations with the guest.

How to make typed sales in the system?

After completing the process of registering your Payment Channel in the system, you will be able to enter the data of the card of your guest and then generate the transaction. To do this, follow the path below:

            1. Access the Reservation in question.

            2. In the Reservation payment section, click on "Add Payment"

            3. After that, click on the option "Credit Card"

            4. A window will shown with the necessary information for the transaction.

- Client: Only indentifies who gave the information, this is just an internal indicator.

- Value: What was the amount paid? It is possible, next to the field, to select which currency was used, although it's important  to observe how it is the pattern behavior of payment channel in relation to international payments before going through this actions.

-Kind: Refers to the position of the Chart of Accounts to which the payment will be allocated. This is a pre-configured configuration on the system and only this configuration will be displayed on the screen.

-Payment Channel: You must select the Payment channel that you want to use for the charge. It's important that you have put a simple and objective name in the channel setup so you do not have difficulties in this process.

After filling in the fields above, based on the payment method chosen, the system will provide the required fields to complete the charge. Just fill them in and then click the "Next" button.

            5. Confirm the data and complete the billing by clicking the "Confirm Payment" button. The system will generate error messages according to each channel if the data is not valid.


Is it possible to make typed sales through all Channel Payments in my system?

No. Paypal and PagSeguro are channels that doesn't have compatibility with this tool.

In the Channel Payment, the system asks me guest informations as adress and CPF. Why? has a feature called "AntiFraud" that requires more informations to process those transactions. It is important to check with their support team if it's possible to remove this feature, if it can be done, disabl this option in configurations inside your channel in our system.

Where I Configure the Accounts Plan for payments made by Credit Card?

Just access <<Catalog> Settings > Reservation Settings>>. At the "Reporting and Finance" section, you will find the option.

How long for the payment to reach in my system?

The process is the same for payments made in the website. Each channel has a interval, but in most cases the normal is betwenn 20 to 40 minutes after the payment is made in the system.