To manage cancellation policies on your system, it is important to register your policy templates and then set the use of each one.

This is essential for the reservation process on your website, as well as creating a basis for relating your own policies to those of sales channels.

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How to register cancellation policies

This is the first step to create the policies. Access [Catalog > Auxiliaries > Cancellation Policy] and click on the [+] button to create new templates. Remember to activate and save the changes when you end this process. 

How to set the default cancellation policy

This setting indicates which cancellation policy template is present in most of your listings, which helps reduce steps when creating new listings, for example.

To set your default cancellation policy, access the [Settings > Reservations > Cancellation Policy] menu, choose the default template and save the changes.

How to set the cancellation policy of a specific listing

Listings may have variable policies depending on region or commercial strategy. To adjust the cancellation policy for a specific listing, go to the listing page, access the [Distribution > Reservation Settings > Cancellation Policy] tab and save the changes.

Select the [Individual] option to choose the custom template for the listing. If the [Global] option is selected, you can click on the [Preview] button to check which policy is active.