"Communication ways" is a tool that helps you with the best channel to get in touch with your potential guests.

These will be options that the guest can mark on the website when making reservation requests and also for you or your team to make requests.

By default, Stays.net offers 4 channel options:

  • E-mail;
  • WhatsApp;
  • Phone;
  • Chat.

You will be able to set which of them will remain visible to the guests and your sales team.

To adjust this setting, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the [Catalog > Auxiliaries > Communication ways] menu;
  2. Click on the little pen to edit the settings;
  3. Save the changes made;
  4. Click on the little box in the [Active] column.

Below is what each field in the screen means:

[Active] little boxDefines whether the option is visible on the website or not.
Regarding the internal screens, even unchecked, the channel remains visible to you and your team.
Just click on the little box and the change is made, without the need to save.
[Name] fieldIt is fixed information from Stays.net of a technical nature.
It is not necessary to edit.
[Text] fieldIt is the name that should appear to users to represent the option.
You will be able to put a name for each active language on your Stays.net.
[Default] fieldDefines which options should appear pre-selected on the website when loading the page. The same goes for the internal screens for your team.
This is useful so that if the user does not fill anything, the options will automatically be assumed as the preferred channels.
The options set as default have a [Yes] label on the communication ways configuration screen.