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In the Reservation's Page, next to the payments section by the end of the page, there will be the Security Deposits section.

From the button [transaction] you will be able to register the receivement of the security deposit - from the "I am receiving" option -, either the total amount or just part of the amount, in case you have accepted this by the guest:

The return of the Security Deposit can also be made from the [+transaction] button, and you must choose the I am refunding option:

In case you want to issue a Receipt for the guest to confirm that they have received the Security Deposit Payback, go to the menu [Reservation Center >Reception] and in the Departure, click on Security Deposit Payback, according to the image below:

When the user has the Administrator or Agency plan, it is possible to open the transaction details in the Security deposits box on the Reservations Page.
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