gives you the possibility to limit guests' arrival and departure dates through the check-in and checkout restrictions settings.

In addition to influencing your internal reservation center and website reservations, this information is transmitted to the following sales channels:


In relation to Airbnb, this information is transmitted only on the model of content connection with the channel.

This information is updated daily by our system on the connection.

If your connection to Airbnb is through iCal, see how to set this restriction directly on your Airbnb portal.
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With Expedia, the information is also transmitted on the connection and is updated daily on our connection.

Booking has this information integrated into the two connection models available: existing listings or creating listings.

The information is also updated daily on our connection.


The information is transmitted on the content connection between and HomeAway. will make this information available and HomeAway will update your listing according to the standard channel intermission.