On reservations where the arrival date is close, it is possible to change the default quantity of the towels and sheet items provided in the listing.

Before reading the instructions in this article, it is necessary to have already done the following actions:

It is possible to change the listing towels and sheet of a reservation where the arrival date is close (one day before check-in) and the status is either [booked] or [contract]. To do this, follow the path below:

  1. Access the reservation page;
  2. Find the [Towels and Sheets] section at the bottom right side of the page;
  3. Click on the pen icon and enter the amount;
  4. Confirm the changes made by clicking on the blue button on the right side.

In addition to the manual update, it is possible to load the default configuration of the current listing before issuing the contract.

This can be useful when you are not sure if the quantity of items is correct or if the listing has recently undergone registration changes.

For this, just click on the icon shown in the image below and validate the action: