Before you continue reading this article, it is important that you know the concept below:

To edit your Contract template, just follow the steps below:

  1. Access the [Website & Template Manager] menu;
  2. Go to [Templates] and then, [Printable Templates];
  3. Click on [Master Templates];
  4. Find and click on the rental agreement template;
  5. On the upper side, select the language you want to start editing;
  6. Insert your text and variables in the text editing space on the screen;
  7. Save the changes on the upper side of the screen (before going to the next language).

With content variables, your contract gets more dinamic and you will not need to make manual adjustments, that is the ideal for you to send in PDF format.
You can ensure that your Reservations has the necessary information for the variables by choosing which fields are mandatory for issuing the contract!
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