When working with Vacation Rental, the administrators must pay attention to the Rental Agreement.

This document is important to ensure that your service is in accordance with the legislation, furthermore to secure the main guidelines for your property to be rented.

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What you will find in this article

Editing the Contract template

In case you want to edit your Stays.net Contract template, access the menu [Catalog > Printable templates]. Select the option [Master Templates] and click on the rental agreement template.

At the top, select the desired language to start editing. Insert your text and variables in the text edition block on the screen. Finally, save your changes at the top of the screen (before moving on to the next language).

With content variables, your to Contract gets more dynamic and you will not need to make manual adjustments, that is the ideal for you to send in PDF format. 
You can ensure that your Reservations have the necessary information for the variables by choosing which fields are mandatory for issuing the contract!
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Requesting help to the Design Team

If you need assistance by making any edits your Contract, you can also request our Desing Team.

For that, send an email to sac@stays.net

If possible, indicate exactly what the changes are and send a template or an example for the Team to check the possibility of editing.

Now that you already know how to edit your contract template, how about checking out other information?