After activating your menu for capturing properties on the website, it is important that you look at some areas that will be presented to your potential owners and make adjustments to give your brand greater identity. counts with a default structure of this menu to all partners, so it is important that you make the appropriate adjustments to the texts throughout the process.

1Greetings menuAs soon as the user accesses the menu, they will arrive at a panel and if they are not registered on your page, a presentation message and a registration form will be displayed. The message can be standardized to all partners, so it is recommended to customize it according to your business.

To edit the text, you can do it directly from the screen like step 3, or you can do it from the menu [Website & Template manager > Translations > Web Page].
2Listings panelWhen registering listings and becoming an owner, the user will have a panel to display the visit order history and some other additional processes.
3Text translationYour content can be translated into English, Portuguese and Spanish, by configuring the settings below:

1. Access your public website and open the desired pages to translate;
2. On the upper right side, click on your name;
3. Choose the [Translate on the fly] option;
4. Choose the desired term highlighted in yellow and click while holding the [Ctrl] key;
5. Translate/edit content in the desired languages;
6. Click [Save].

The registration flow is the same for all partners and the editing is restricted to the texts. 

If you have any other channel ready, such as a Google form, you can create a menu on your website that redirects to your alternate page.
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