The request manager is the screen of where all reservation requests by guests will be listed, so it would be one of the main panels for your reservation agents.

If you count on a large team in this department, it is highly recommended to limit access to some functionality in this panel.

You will be able to manage your agents' access in the following areas:

  • Should agents view requests in the panel?
  • Should agents view the activity history of a request?
  • Can agents link an agent to the request?
  • Will agents be able to edit the person responsible for the request?
  • Will agents be able to remove requests from the panel?
  • Will agents be able to edit the content of requests?
  • Will agents be able to create requests in the panel?
  • Will agents be able to see statistics about requests?

Feature access management should be done from the [Users & Clients > Auxiliaries > Roles & Permissions] menu.
Once you reach the screen, it is important that you perform the following steps:

Copy the base agent role and edit yoursTo customize accesses, just copy the base role of Stays "agent" to create your custom role.
Edit the permissions of the "email.request" sectionThese are permissions related to the request manager and it is in this section that you will be able to set the actions of your agents.
Do not forget to update your users roleAfter creating your custom role, do not forget to go to your agents' users and place this role in their profile!

Now that you know about editing agents' access to the request manager, how about seeing other questions about this screen?