When accessing the requests manager panel on the left side of the screen, it is possible to filter the records on the left side of the screen.

It is possible to search for the requests by the following criteria:

By date
You will be able to adjust between the check-in, checkout or order creation date.
By listings
It is a useful field if you want to see how many requests have been made for one or more listings.
It is important to highlight that there is statistics of your Stays.net that can help you in this task, but in the panel you can follow the content of the requests.
By person responsible for the requestIn the [Agent] field you can track how many requests are destined to a reservation agent.
In addition, there is the option to check requests linked to deactivated agents, which will help you to redistribute requests in case of member switching.
By leadIf you want to track requests linked to a particular lead, use the [Name], [Email] and [Phone number] fields.
By preferred communication channelIn the [Communication Form] field you can track requests based on the guest's preferred communication channel.
This is useful if you divide your reservation agents by service channel.
For the correct use of this tool, do not forget to correctly configure your communication channels.
By number of roomsTrack your requests based on the requests of your guests.
It is a field most used for seasonal listing businesses and can be useful if there is priority for sales by a certain product segment.

At the end of selecting your search fields, do not forget to click on the [Search] button!