The system has some features for you to check the indicators on your reservations. Among them are the occupancy rates. In this article, we will introduce you to two paths to access your rates:

Your Home Screen

[Statistics] Menu
It is possible to check your occupancy rate from your system's home screen.
Through the graph, in the [Main] menu, data on available, occupied and blocked listings will be displayed.

It is also possible to check your occupancy rate through the [Occupancy] option. This feature allows you to apply more filters to your search. In addition, there is a comparative survey between the performance of your exclusive and partner listings, in addition to the [Total Nights] screen, which shows you the total number of nights that were available and those that were, in fact, reserved.

Important: This graph is the only one available on the Super Host plan.
Important: This option is available starting from the Administrator plan.

It should be mentioned that the graphics take into account reservations with a status of [reservation], [contract] e [pre-reservation].

Now that you know how to access your occupancy rates, also check out what the home screen indicators are or how to clarify the occupancy rate data of your