When connecting a Stays.net listing to Airbnb, most changes will be done automatically. However, if you wish, there are some options fore maintenance, update or checking your listing on the Airbnb portal.

Access to the control panel

To access the control panel with the possible actions, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the [Channel Managers > Airbnb] menu;
  2. Select the [Listings] option and click on the arrow next to the desired listing;
  3. Click on the grey "three dots" icon to open more options.

Possible actions via control panel

See below which actions can be done manually:

Airbnb icon
On the right side of the screen, the channel icon allows the oppening of the corresponding listing on the Airbnb site. 
It generates a list of multiple listing items for you to force manual update.
If you work with the full connection model, the information is automatically updated with each change made on Stays.
Close calendar (when the listing is open on Airbnb)Block all the available dates on the Airbnb calendar.
This action must be done only in emergency cases and you must communicate to our support team the reason.
Open calendar (when the listing is blocked on Airbnb)If your listing was made through the button above, you will have the option to reopen it from the [Open calendar] button.
Reservation ImportAlthough Stays.net makes the automatic importation of reservations, if you want to force the process manually, just click on this button.
Important: We recommend using it only if it is really necessary!
DisconnectThis breaks the link between your Airbnb listing and Stays.net.
The listing will remain public on Airbnb after this action.
RemoveRemoves your Stays.net listing from Airbnb.

In case you want to remove a listing that is no longer linked to the Stays channel manager, if your account is still with us, send the listing ID to sac@stays.com.br and we can do this action here!

Now that you already know which manual actions are possible through the Airbnb Channel Manager, how about checking out more related subjects?