Before proceeding with the reading of the article, it is important that you know the concept below:

Regarding listing, these check-in instructions will be found in the [Amenities Related to the Location and Infrastructure] section within the [Descriptive Content] tab.

If your configuration is in a listing linked to a Multi Unit Listing, access its configuration, click on the name of the place (e.g. Hotel) and go to the [Descriptive Content] tab.

Based on our partners and other OTAs, we offer the following options:

Stays Option
Airbnb Equivalent Amount
Express check-in/check-outNumeric keyboard
24 hour receptionBuilding employee

Another important point is that for Airbnb, in addition to marking the option, it is important to add an instruction (text) so that the guest is aware of the check-in process.
Without this instruction, the information will not be sent to the channel.

You will only be able to choose one of the items to send to Airbnb, so after choosing this information in your listing, we will ask you what the default option for Airbnb is. Just mark [Yes] on one of the items, add an instruction and save.

Regarding other content partners (e.g. Booking), instructions will not be sent and you will be able to mark more than one option normally.

For more information about connection characteristics between and Airbnb, click on the link below: