Follow the step below into your Stays system to connect your listings to Google Vacation Rentals.

Step 1. Activate Google Vacation Rentals on the App Center

  1. Open the [App Center > Channels > Google Vacation Rentals] menu;

  2. Click [Active] and wait for 1 to 2 minutes for the app can be activated on the system. 

Step 2. Set the channel manager

  1. Go to [Channel Managers > Google VR] and click [Settings];
  2. On the [Cancellation policies] tab, link your registered policies on Stays to those of the channel; 
  3. Fill out the contact phone number on the [Phone number] tab. This phone number will be visible to guests. 

Step 3. Connect your listings

  1. Before connecting the listings, you must connect the properties linked to them. Click on the arrow next to the property and then on [Connect];
  2. Repeat the process with your listings.
  3. Done! Your listings will be connected.

Google Vacation Rentals can find pending issues related to the connection. If that is the case, you will see alerts indicating the obstacles and how to fix them.