Regardless of the model of your business, the website will have a few default buttons so that interested in your products can contact both to request information before closing a Reserve and also to request Bookings in cases where you do not accept online bookings. In this article we will look at some types of requests and their flow in the system.

Types of Bookings Requests and their actions in the system

Bookings Request Form

This form occurs when your system has accommodations configured to not receive Instant Reserves, so instead of directing the guest to the payment channels part to finalize the Reserve, according to our standard Reservation process on the site, a button will be generated where, if clicked, a form will be generated for the guest to complete:

The final action of this form is to generate a new request for you in the Request Manager, in addition to sending a notification to the registered e-mail.
Important: The triggered e-mail is the "front_send_request" and the recipient e-mail must be pre-configured in the system, under [Catalog> Settings> General Settings].

In accommodations that accept Instant Reservations, this path can be made when the guest clicks the "Send an e-mail" button next to the Request button. This may represent a decisive doubt to close the Reserve, so it will also be treated as a request, following the flow indicated above. Follow the "e-mail" button below:

Contact Form on the Site

By default, your site will come with a section that has a standard Form for the user, with the purpose of receiving not only possible Booking requests but also other contacts like searching for other areas such as job openings, for example.

In this case, the path with the system is the e-mail triggering an address previously registered in [Catalog> Settings> General Settings]:

The content of the email is the template "front_contact" and in this case it is just the same triggered email.

Multistays Offer Form

Upon completion of the Multistays Offer flow, the guest will be taken to a form identical to the Booking Request template and filling it, causes a request to be generated in the Request Manager with the green highlight "multistays", in addition to an e-mail to a recipient previously registered in the system settings. In relation to the requests for a Multistays Offer, the following is an example of a presentation in the Request Manager:


Can I edit the Reservation Request Forms?

Forms are standard for all our systems since they are integrated with internal modules, so the editions are less flexible than normal. You can adjust the options in the "How did you find us?" and "How would you like to be contacted?". To learn more about the issues, click on the links below:

Click here to know about "How would you like to be contacted?"
Click here to know about "How did you meet us?"

Is it possible to define Default Partners for requests coming from the site?

Take a look at the details of the "How did you hear about us?" field. There will show you that each field option can relate to a Business Partner. Click here to learn how to register Business Partners in the system! In this case, it is possible to register your brand as a partner and make the relation with the option "Already stayed before".

Besides booking requests, is there anything else that can help me convert reservations?

Yes. You may be interested in the "Reservations with incomplete process on the site" tool. In this case, in your accommodations that accept online reservations and the purchase process has not been finalized, the system will create a Pre-Reservation with the guest's data and you can contact him to try to convert to Reservation.