After accessing the reception panel, you will have at your disposal a series of actions to help you manage the arrivals and departures of guests.

Below is a list of actions, in addition to the standard which is to check the check-ins and check-outs for the period:

Control of reservation paymentsEach reservation listed on the screen will have bars to indicate the guest's payment status.
There will be a bar for the payment of the security deposit and another for the reservation itself (listing + extras), according to the model on the side.
Issuance of receipts on the return of the security depositsRegarding check-outs, you will have a button called [Security Deposit Payback] where a document will be issued for the guest to sign to confirm that the amount referring to the security deposit is being returned.SEE DETAILS
Generate list of arrivals and departures of a periodGenerate reports with the check-ins and checkouts from your listings over a period of time and plan for inspections and guest services.SEE DETAILS
Notify cleaning crews and couriers that check-in is in progressIs your guest in the lobby of your inn filling out forms or calling from the airport to let you know that they are on their way to the apartment? counts on the [Client Arrived] button at check-ins to trigger a visual alert on management panels about cleaning and check-in activities.
In addition, this action feeds some statistical indicators of the system.
Links to access the reservations pageThe blue buttons with the reservation code will redirect you to the reservation page, which is the area where you can prepare check-ins and checkouts.
It is in this area that guest files, invoices, welcome cards and other documents relating to the stay are issued.