When accessing your [All Tasks] you will find a panel with various information and each task will have a series of indicators to help you.

See below for task indicators:

Check-in and check-out tasks

The check-in and check-out tasks are usually created automatically by the system and directly relate to reservations. 

The screen presentation shows whether it is check-out or check-in (#1), the task resolution status (#2), the related reservations code (#3), the internal name of the lodging (#4) and the person responsible for carrying out the task, if delegated (#5):

Cleaning tasks

The cleaning tasks can be created automatically by the system, linked to the reservation routine, or manually from the [All Tasks] screen. 

The visualization follows the same pattern as the model above, and in tasks created manually the general summary of the task is already presented on the board and there is the name of the person responsible for executing the task, in case it has already been delegated. 

The highlights are shown in the figure below:

Technical tasks

The technical tasks are created exclusively manually by users. 

The visualization follows the same line as the cleaning task, but in this case it will not have reservations related to the task. 

Below is an example:

In the task list, these activities will be on the right side of the screen, in the [MAINTENANCE] section.

Important: The task resolution deadline will be according to the listing configuration on the [Cleaning & Maintenance] tab. If there is no stipulated time, the system will adopt a maximum period of 7 days by default, keeping the task on your cleaning dashboard, if there is no reservation before these 7 days.

For more details on the task list, see the link below: