Once the configuration of your reservation guarantee policy, it will be applied in the following areas of your Stays.net:

Website reservation processThe guests will have at their disposal the options that you applied in your reservation guarantee.
That is, if you have marked the [Both options] option, your guests will be able to choose between paying the full amount or just the amount needed for the guarantee.
Emails sent to the guestsStays.net counts on the email for pre-reservations and in the default text, we are able to capture the guarantee amount of the reservation.
Therefore, to ensure that automatic messages work properly, it is important that your reservation guarantee policy is correctly configured!
Sales channels
The configuration will be sent to TemporadaLivre and Vrbo.
If your percentage is less than 100%, we will indicate that you accept payments in two moments (one upon making a reservation and one upon arrival) and that we sent the initial percentage to the channel!

For more details on reservation guarantee, see the link below: