Before keep reading this article, be aware that the features listed below will only be sent on the Content Connection between and Airbnb!

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In case you choose the full connection model between the platforms, will constantly send and update the contents below:

  • Prices and availability of the listing; will be the distribution center not only for Airbnb, but also for the other platforms, so it is essential to have this information in your listings.
    It is important to mention that this update takes place both on a full connection and on a limited connection.
  • Address of the listings;
    The full address of your listing will be sent to Airbnb.
    In addition to ensuring a good navigation to your guests on the Airbnb website and channel, this will be the basis for generating some market indicators, from the and AirDnA partnership.
    The registration of this information is done from the [Location] tab of the Listing's Page.
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  • Photos;
  • Maximum capacity of the listing;
    The maximum capacity of the listing is defined based on the configuration of rooms and beds of your listing.
    This is registered from the [Rooms] section of the Listing's Page.
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  • House Rules;
  • Policy about arrivals and departures time of guests;
    When defining your policy regarding check-ins and check-outs time from the [Settings > Reservation Settings] menu of your, this information will be sent during the creation of your listing on Airbnb.
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  • Additional Fees
    Additional charges in relation to the daily rates can also be transmitted to Airbnb.
    Fees such as Cleaning, Service, ISS and other charges can be configured and registered on and, after the relationship with the Airbnb fee, the transmition will be made during the submission of the information of the listing.
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  • Security Deposits will send all the data to Airbnb, as long as the registered amount is in the range between 100 and 5,000 dollars, as per Airbnb policies.
    This amount can be registered in other currencies, as long as the converted amount is within this range.
  • Additional Guest Fee
    Derived Prices will be sent as long as the amount is set to a fixed amount.
    Airbnb does not work with percentage, so if your work with it in other channels, you will have one more field to put the specific fixed amount for Airbnb.
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  • Amenities
    The amenities registered in your listing compatible with Airbnb will be transmitted upon creation of the listing.
    In addition, it is possible to present them on your website.
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Regarding the sending of the listings, it is important that the setting of the Channel are made correctly before the creation of the listings, so that the information are lined up correctly between the platforms.

How to configure Airbnb?