For a better understanding of this article, it is necessary that you already know the concept below:

Regarding your website, the guest's reservation routine will be the same as that of a normal reservation.

The user would choose the parent listing and the desired period and the reservation would be made, being allocated split in your calendar.

To achieve this result with a good user experience for the guest, remember to do these points below:

In [Settings > Website Settings], adjust so that only the parent listings of the rate groups are displayed in the search
This helps the navigability of your page for the guest, especially if your portfolio only has listings of this type.SEE DETAILS
Ensure your parent listing is accepting instant reservations on the website
This can be done in the [Settings > Reservations > Instant Reservations] menu.SEE DETAILS
Make it clear in your [Terms and Conditions] that reservations may happen in more than one listing for the period
As with the main sales channels on the market, the guest will not receive any special notice about the need to change listing during the stay, since normally the establishment will still be able to change the parts of the reservation in the calendar, so it is important to mention this type of case in your business policies.SEE DETAILS
Always leave one or two listings reserved in case of any unforeseen circumstances when allocating guests
This will help you to relocate guests or avoid cases where there is a need to change a listing during the stay.SEE DETAILS

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